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Ciara Curtin

CurDane Bodywork

Fascia Unwind, Create Balance, Transform

Table Thai Massage

Thai massage works the entire body using a sequence of movements that are similar to yogic stretching. 

I will work the Zen lines in the body, warm the muscles and begin to mobilise and lengthen the tissues in the body, working out tension patterns, increasing mobility and leaving the body feeling relaxed, light and flexible.

You can wear comfortable clothing throughout the treatment or combine with an oil massage. 

You can receive a :

> 30mins Thai foot massage

> 1hr Table Thai massage

> 2hr table that massage which will include the sides of the body and can be more indept. 

> 3hr Table Thai, truly myosfascially lengthen the tissues, shake rattle and roll the binds out of the body. 

This is a thorough treatment of the body, allowing a complete unwind of your body.