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Ciara Curtin

CurDane Bodywork

Fascia Unwind, Create Balance, Transform

Pregnancy Massage

This is a treatment aimed at the mothers to be to help de-stress those muscles 

now working that bit harder and to prepare the muscles for the journey ahead. 

Pregnancy is a cycle of great change in a women's life. 

Not only is the body going through a physical change

 but powerful emotions tug at us as we take the path to motherhood. 

To feel well during pregnancy and to give yourselve

 the best chance for an easy labour, we need to be reasonably fit, 

but most of all be able to listen to our own bodies needs. 

Massage can help you be more in tune with yourself

 and what is happening in your body, even those tension spots you didn't realise were there. 

Pregnancy Massage in general is there to help give time to relax

 and to connect with the baby growing within. 

Here are some more benefits of massage during Pregnancy:

> To relieve Stress
> To decrease/ eliminate back pain and muscle cramps i.e the calves
> To improve emotional well being
> To prepare and stregthen the muscles and ligaments for the course ahead
> To aid the lymphatic system and reduce swelling
> To aid the circulatory system with the increase in blood volume and reduce the possibility of carpel tunnel syndrome
> To aid the respiratory system due to the increase in ventilation which can
cause breathlessness in many expectant mums due to the need for more air.
> Allows you, mum to be, to engage with yourself and what you are feeling in a positive way,
to connect with the unborn baby and reduce post natal depression.