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Ciara Curtin

CurDane Bodywork

Fascia Unwind, Create Balance, Transform

Myo - Skeletal Treatment

This is a treatment concentrating on the superficial to deep tissues of the skeletal system. 

It is done while lying on a massage couch, 

generally no oil is used and can be done fully clothed.

Using techniques such as mobilisation, traction and gentle massage movements and techniques,

 as well as passive or active stretching.

The body is released of its tension allowing the bones to move from there fixed limitations

 giving mobility,  flexibility and a lighter feeling throughout. .

Through the combination of techniques, 

even though concentration is mainly on the superficial layers to deep,

in releasing the fascia it has a domino effect in releasing the tension lines, trigger points 

and kinetic chain patterns happening in the body. 

 There by relieving the joints and muscles, 

giving one the feeling of being not only loose and tension free but taller and light. 

The causes of musculoskeletal pain are varied. 

Muscle tissue can be damaged with the wear and tear of daily activities. 

Trauma to an area (jerking movements, auto accidents, falls, fractures, sprains, dislocations, 

and direct blows to the muscle) can cause musculoskeletal pain or limitations in movement.

What can be worked on here? 


Scar Tissue

Restricted joint or muscle movement

Aids Injury Recovery 

Releases trapped nerves

Restores Posture Realignment - Relieving chronic pain

Corrects atrophy, weakness and muscle amnesia in head-forward postures

Lessens pain sensitivity through graded exposure assisted stretching

Eliminates protective muscle guarding due to joint dysfunction

Improves sleep by lowering sympathetic nervous system tone

Enhances athletic performance through hands-on proprioceptive training.

Changes the brain’s mind about pain through targeted exercise advice.