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Ciara Curtin

CurDane Bodywork

Fascia Unwind, Create Balance, Transform

Covid 19 Polices in Place 

Lets get to the protocols!!

Revised Summer 2021

There are many to go through,

The association, ANMPT,

has given a beautiful guide for touch therapists to return to work,

which I am fully installing,

alongside the physical therapies register guidelines and

the World Health Organisation guidelines.

We all have family members we are trying to protect,

including myself, so all protocols will be taken with extreme seriousness.

Before appointment:

You will Receive an email with the Covid form 

 before your appointment.

The form will be done through Type Form.

There is no printing or downloading apps,

just simply clicking on a link,

a few clicks to answer the questions

and one final click to submit,

which will return the form to me via email.

Alongside is a copy of the form from ANMPT,

which I will be transferring to electrical via Type Form.

You will receive a text reminder of appointment

24hrs before session, and to confirm all is okay. 

Waiting Room

There is a 15minute gap between each person,

this is to allow for cleaning and removal of previous items.

There will be a sanitisation station inside the door.

Masks will be mandatory for both myself and yourself,

I would love to see you with masks of your own

but if not I will have disposable masks available for you. 

I will have a digital temperature gun

which can be taken without any touch.

This will be done on arrival in the waiting room.

Just a couple of seconds and we proceed to the niceties 🤗

 All books, colourings, magazines and blankets/ cushions

have been removed from the Waiting room

to prevent any point of cross contamination.

The paintings have returned to the waiting room, 

to brighten and give some colour back.

Therapy Space

There will be a little rearrange,

and screening off of one side of the room.

Here there will also be a lot of removals for now,

such as cushions, rugs, decorations or

any items that can create a point of cross contamination. 

The sofa is getting a waterproof, wipeable cover.

As you can see I'm locking down on any and every cross over

from one person to the next.

For bodywork sessions

I have invested in a thermal top massage Table,

this means you will now be lying comfortably on a heated table,

that can be fully cleaned in between clients. 

For sports massage

I have gotten a cover for the massage table

that can be fully cleaned in between each person, 

Thankfully, Blankets are back on the list.

I will have one white fleece blanket for over you.

All clean blankets will be kept in a sealed container

to ensure no cross contamination.  

Blankets are being cleaned by the beautiful ladies 

at  Wash & Wear laundrette 

My Uniform

 The main one I believe is the masks.

as it is a virus passed mainly through the

mouth, nose via droplets in airand eyes (on contact)

scientists have confirmed no transfer through physical touch,

once clean i.e not contaminated from touching your face

or a surface contaminated by another's droplets. 

Do ask questions if anything here is confusing

or you want to know more.

I am working with my associations alongside HSE guidelines.

We will get there,

and in time normality will resume. 

I am also asking for no attendees with clients for the moment,

Just the solo person for their booked treatment. 


I don't have the use of a card machine,

I will be continuing with cash,

as paper is not a prominent medium for spread,

once we take precautions and handle correctly. 

For anyone nervous about handling cash,

do get in touch and I can give you my banking online details

so payment can be made online before treatment. 

There is always a way...