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CurDane Bodywork - Ciara Curtin

Fascia Unwind, Create Balance, Transform


My Yogi Journey

The body achieves what the mind believes.

Never underestimate the unlimited power of your being... 

The Beginning 

Back in 2010, just after I finished my fitness instructor course I applied, 

was approved and started a Yoga Diploma Course, 

unfortunately I was then made redundant in my job at the time and had to pull back, 

I then went self employed and now 10 years later I have returned to my Yoga Diploma, 

granted at a different Location and a very different point in physical ability.

Back when I first started I was lighter in weight and had my handstands/ almost head stand down. 

Missing my Yoga and looking for a release in my own path,

I joined the beautifull Mollie Cox in Goa, 2019

and between her amazing spirit and that of the stray dogs of the sands I found something again.

I decided not to wait until the body was "perfect" but to do a whole journey. 

I will share the getting back in shape, shedding the stress and redeveloping my yoga body via instagram stories.....

200HR - 2020

In 2020 - I completed a 200hr Teacher Training Course with Carol Murphy of Green Lotus Yoga, 

where the universe certainly tested us...  Covid 19 strikes.... 

but rather then reacting as I may have in my young 20's, 

2020 allowed a surrendering, making the most of life, 

learning more about online resources

and the body's ability to heal, to strengthen and to release...

2021 - R​estorative Yoga

In 2021, I completed Restorative Yoga, with Carol Murphy of Green Lotus Yoga, 

to connect with that part of the body that needs to unwind, to myofascially unravel 

from the stress of every day life, over use or incorrect posture, to restore the body.

I found the closer you look at or experience restorative yoga, 

the more you see the differences and imbalances within your body to work on.

2022 - Soma Roll & Yoga Nidra

In 2022, I am currently studying and completing Soma Roll & Yoga Nidra.

Further deepening my studies and more tools and abilities to help the body to release, to heal 

to be and another way of life that allows beings to awaken to their higher selfs.