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CurDane Bodywork - Ciara Curtin




Posted on June 8, 2020 at 2:00 PM

People say business is not personal, 

therefore like many others out there I found doing a logo

that was seperate from myself and purely for my business quite difficult. 

I didnt feel hugely confident about business cards at the start

as there was a "blob" of a logo there, 

a picture that "did the job". 

I started questioning this!!

How could a business,

created from and of us, 

that we pour our hearts into, 

we give all forms of time to, 

our pockets in funding equipment and further courses

and all the other things attached that generally arent seen, 

NOT be personal!?!

This cant be right!! So the artistic side in me came out to play...


I began doodling and creating different images and seeing how I felt,

and finally came to my using the idea of a vision board for my Bodywork Logo. 

Simply because as a person I grow and as I grow and expand so will my business. 

Businesses also have that ability after time to specialise or niche off in a specific sector, 

once the person has spent some time in their chosen area, 

where they have learned, collected and now are growing in their own direction

and finding their unique tribe out there. 

Therefore, coming back to my vision board, 

it can grow and change within, without changing the frame. 

So the frame of two trees for me, will be my constant. 

Trees have a variety of meanings, but for me to connect with air, breath, 

to be grounded in the layers of life, 

Underworld, Middle - world & Upperworld, 

This has been my Logo for the past 4 years,

Took a slight change in refocus Jan 2019,

as I added the equine hoof print, the healing hand and took away the mountains.

I also went through a stage with the stag but swiftly returned to the dragonfly, 

which over the last couple of months has served me vastly,

helping me to focus on what I truly want from my path.

How so you might ask....


Hmm, An example....

When I look at courses or events to partake in but something feels “off”,

Or where you feel you have received the teaching you needed, 

before doing or completing the course.

Do you continue for sake of a piece of paper?

Because that is what’s expected!

Or Refocus, to realign with ones path,

Look at the vision board “logo”,

and see does it give or add to your symbols.

Is it in line with your end goal. 

Or is it something, like window shopping, 

you needed to see but not buy!

In life we sometimes end up down paths

that we simply just need to see!

Theres that one sentence we need to hear 

or its where we make a connection with a person. 

But the whole path may not nessessarily be walked. 

Here is where we need to be awake, to be aware of our needs.

I hear it so many times, 

"I did this course but it wasn't for me!"

"I started this job years ago and stayed tooo long"

"I'm not sure how i got here"

"This is not me!"

If you yourself have heard or said, 

Stop, take a breath and ask yourself

When was the last time you smiled at something you did?

What about it made you smile?

Now go get "it". 

Vision Boards make seeing through the webs that little bit easier

And allows you to know the why’s to the teachings.

The reasons for the bends in your path. 

Your map is within you, 

just listen to the unconscious smiles at words, or sentences, 

whether spoken or sung, 

a movement that sparks a feeling, 

a connection with a form of nature that awakens or inspires. 

Even that Déjà vu feeling...

Feel the connection, Be Aware. 


I was reminded of this recently,

was I completing a course for the paper or for myself ....

Detours are good,

Once we recognize them for what they are,

Everything mounds our decisions

Everything prepares us for life ahead.

Allowing us to transcend to our next learning....


I believe isolation is bringing focus

Bringing me back to my vision

And beyond to the Rawness of a Dream,

Set many cycles back.


��To life’s trials and dreams,

to walking the path and envisioning the dream,

reaching the clouds even through the mist ��



To explain my logo

~ Dragonfly, for transformation, adaptability, living in the moment and self realization

“The Dragonfly’s scurrying flight across water represents an act of going

beyond what’s on the surface and looking into the deeper implications and aspects of life. 

The Dragonfly moves with elegance and grace. 

The Dragonfly is iridescent both on its wings and body. ......

The magical property of iridescence is also associated

with the discovery of one’s own abilities by unmasking the real self

and removing the doubts one casts on his/her own sense of identity.”


For many many years the Dragonfly has been recognized as happiness, new beginnings and change.

The Dragonfly is for hope, change, and love.

I have kept the dragonfly across both my businesses @curdanebodywork &

@curdaneartstudio (created more recently as I start to settle into feeling a specific topic more)


~ The Paintbrush, for creativity, representing my art


~ Myself as Bodyworker, scrunchie bun and all!

For the physical techniques in communicating with soft tissue.


~ Spiral Hand of the Healer, to allow all actions to come from the heart of wanting to heal.


~ Pawprints, to represent my Canine Connection, Teachings and Bodywork.


~ Hoof print to represent the spirit teaching of the equines,

for me horses are hugely inspirational and teachers of much more then how to walk gracefully!!


In my art studio logo I have placed the dragonfly overflying a Celtic stone circle

To represent in my art that which lives beyond the canvas,

Both are mystical, connected with time,

Awakening the unconscious in present

But recognizing the past and recording,

Both for transformation, change and hope.

The Interconnection in life.


Interesting how we come across fundamentals

Within ourselves and our paths

by simply working on a small picture to represent


“The Logo”   hmmmm powerful..


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